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What is IT Buyers Club?

IT Buyers Club is a free service that lets you join forces with other small and mid-sized businesses to leverage your collective purchasing power to negotiate unbeatable pricing on IT products and services that you're already using.

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Attention Business Owners!

Sick and Tired of High IT Costs Eating Into Your Bottom Line?

Give us a call and discover how companies just like yours are slashing their IT costs by up to 20% without breaking a sweat.

Why IT Buyers Club?

Expert Insights:  Our team has decades of experience working with IT suppliers and vendors. We know the ins and outs of the industry and can quickly identify areas where your business could be saving big.

Tailored Solutions:  We get it – every business is unique. Whether you're kicking off a startup or running a well-established enterprise, we'll match you with the ideal solutions for your circumstances, priorities, and objectives.

Proven Results:  Our track record speaks for itself. We've helped businesses across nearly every industry slash their IT expenses without sacrificing performance. Imagine what we can do for you!

How Does IT Buyers Club Work?


Click the "Lower My IT Costs!" button and schedule your free discovery call.


Tell us who you love working with, or who you're considering working with.


We get to work negotiating the best pricing, and you reap the rewards. It's that simple. No rocket science, just results.

What others are saying about IT Buyers Club...

“IT Buyers Club provides accurate, fast, and actionable insights that are perfect for companies who want to save time and effort - but not cut corners.”


E. Pallen | Head of Technology at Goodwill Industries

“IT Buyers Club is the go-to solution for all of our IT needs. We have saved $$$ and covered all of our technology needs seamlessly.”

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D. Covington | Owner at Covnet Technologies

“IT Buyers Club allows us to manage the complexities of our technology operations in a cost efficient manner, without compromising the integrity of our business objectives.”


R. Carlisle Sr. | President, CEO at NID-HCA

“IT Buyers Club changed how we think about IT. Their procurement process has propelled our efficiency, security, and growth beyond our wildest expectations.”

IT services client testimonial

A. Shyshko | CRO at Outbound Funnel

Ready to Take the First Step

Towards Reducing Your IT Costs?

Schedule Your Free Call Now!

We'd love to discuss the specific IT expense challenges your organization is facing and how IT Buyers Club can help you address them. 


Why Wait?


Joining IT Buyers Club is a smart move for any business looking to maximize IT savings without the hassle, and without sacrificing performance. Schedule your free call now!

  • How Are You Able to Offer Such Low Prices?
    By aggregating the buying power of our member companies, we are able to secure far better pricing than individual companies can typically achieve working directly with vendors and suppliers on their own.
  • What are the Membership Fees?
    IT Buyers Club is completely free! No signup fees. No subscription fees. Ever.
  • Do We Have to Change Suppliers?
    No. We have partnerships with 120+ technology vendors, suppliers, and solution providers. So, odds are your preferred vendor or supplier is already in our partner network.
  • Does Membership Require a Long Term Agreement?
    There are no long-term contracts or complex agreements. Test the waters and decide what works for you. Our process is straightforward. Join, leverage group buying power, and enjoy the savings. No rocket science, just results.
  • Can Other Members See My Purchase History?
    No. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Your purchasing history is your business. Our commitment to confidentiality ensures that your procurement strategies remain protected. Your trust is our top priority!
  • Is This a Good Fit for My Business?
    IT Buyers Club is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you're kicking off a startup or running a well-established enterprise, we'll match you with the ideal solutions for your circumstances, priorities, and objectives.
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